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Fields Display Reference

How to Reference, Access & Display every field type and all the default fields in standard WordPress Objects

This should be a standard ‘display’ reference for how to display each type of field using three different methods:

  • magic tag reference
  • pods/api, field/display style (or any ‘helpers’ we provide like _img and _src)
  • get_post_meta, get_term_meta, get_user_meta, etc.

It should also for those standard fields provide each standard default field available in each of those objects and where they come from (ie in Media Library where Caption, Description, Alt and Title are defined and stored and accessed).

Post Standard Fields Reference

Fields available to Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types (not including post_meta). Media Library is also a Custom Post Type

Image & Media Fields Reference

Shows fields that differ in reference to Image & File Fields

User Fields Reference

User Fields available to Magic Tags when Extended and How to get to and access user_meta with PHP Methods.

Taxonomy Fields Reference

Used for Category, Tags and Custom Taxonomy