Post Standard Fields Reference

Fields available to Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types (not including post_meta). Media Library is also a Custom Post Type


The standard post fields are the fields available within the wp_posts table. This table contains post, page, attachment (Media Library) and any Custom Post Types. We are only documenting how to get to the standard built-in fields. Custom Meta is accessed using using wp_get_postmeta.

List of All Standard Post Fields

  • ID – This is the ID of the post in a numerical format.
  • post_title – Also aliased with title
  • post_content
  • post_content_filtered
  • post_excerpt – This is the manually entered Excerpt when you have Excerpts enabled for your post type. This is not the same thing as the_excerpt, which is a filter used by WordPress to pull out either the contents of post_excerpt or the first # words in the post_content. See the WordPress Codex article for the_excerpt.
  • post_author – This is the ID of the Author of the Post. Not the short username, but the actual ID number that relates to the ID in the User Table.
  • post_date
  • post_date_gmt
  • comment_status
  • ping_status
  • post_password
  • post_name
  • to_ping
  • pinged
  • post_modified
  • post_modified_gmt
  • post_parent – If your post-type is Hierarchical, this is used to define the post that is the ‘parent‘ of the existing post. There isn’t a field to track ‘children‘ of this post. You’d have to query on posts where post_parent is equal to this post’s ID. or post_parent = {@ID}
  • guid
  • menu_order
  • post_type
  • post_mime_type
  • comment_count

Accessing using WP Methods

All of the above fields are accessible using WP Standard Methods. You can find most of these directly within the WP Codex, just search the field name. As an example, the_title outputs post_title when you are in The Loop; get_the_title returns the post_title based on passed Post ID.

Accessing using Magic Tags (Pods Templates)

You can access any of these by wrapping the field name above with {@...} (replacing the ellipsis with the Field Name).  So if you want to output the post_title within a Pods Template, you’d use {@post_title}.