User Fields Reference

User Fields available to Magic Tags when Extended and How to get to and access user_meta with PHP Methods.

Standard User Fields

  • ID – the User ID (the numeric one)
  • user_login – the name based user login
  • user_nicename – the name the user has chosen to be referred by, Usually ‘First Name’
  • display_name – the full user name
  • user_pass – the hashed password
  • user_email – the User’s email address
  • user_url – the User’s Website
  • user_registered – the date the user was registered on the website.

User Meta

These are not in wp_users, only in wp_usermeta which means if you either need to add .meta_value onto the field if you’re attempting a match, or if you’re using PHP, you need to use get_user_meta.

  • nickname – Nickname
  • first_name – First Name
  • last_name – Last Name
  • description – Biographical information meta box.
  • wp_capabilities – Stores the Role for the User in a serialized array. Any searches to match will require using LIKE operator. The value will be the short slug name for the role, ie administrator, author, editor, etc.