Advanced Field Options

Provides access to the Advanced Field Options when editing a singular field: Visual, Values and Visibility


Advanced Field Options are the same across all field types and relate to the Visual display handling for those fields, the Values (or Default Values) for the field and the Visibility (whether the field is Read-Only or ‘Hidden’ in the admin or form). You get to the Advanced Field Options by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab when editing a singular field.

Advanced Tab for Editing a Singular Field

Advanced Field Options for Editing FieldsQuick Start

  1. Use the Visual section to add Additional CSS Classes to the label and input field for this field on the back-end and forms.
  2. Under Values to you have two options to set the Default Value:
    • Default Value to always be completed for the user when adding a new post. This should be the actual value you want saved to the field. For Relationship fields (and taxonomy), you want to use the post ID of the related record, or the term ID.
    • Set a Default Value via Parameter to provide a parameter name to pass along on the URL, like ?color=red. You will put the parameter value here, like color in the example shown.
  3. Under Visibility you can set multiple choices to Restrict the Visibility of the field in the Admin or the front-end Form:
    • Restrict the Field to Admins, by Role or by Capability
    • Hide the field from the UI (set it as a ‘Hidden’ field)
    • Make the field Read Only in UI (set it as readonly)

For More details on the Additional Fields Options, select the sub-sections below