Basic Field Settings

Basic Field Settings (Label, Name, Description and Field Type) that apply to all Fields created in Pods.

When you create a new field from the Manage Fields screen by clicking the “Add Field” button, you’ll be presented with the Basic Field settings for your new field, which are identical for every field with the exception of Relationship fields. To further control each different type of field, you’ll need to access the Additional Field Options for the field (which are detailed on each individual field’s documentation page).

Basic Field Settings

Quick Start

  1. Give your new field a Label which is the User visible “Name” for this field.
  2. Give your field a Name which is what you will use to programmatically reference this field throughout WordPress. This will automatically populate with a best guess from the Label.
  3. Optionally put a Description which can be used to further identify your field or provide instructions to the user.
  4. Pick a Field Type from the select box. We go into each of these Field Types later in this section.
  5. Under Options, check the box for “Required” if input must be completed by the user in this field in order to save your record.
  6. Complete any Additional Options based on the selection you chose under Field Type.
  7. (Optional) Complete any specific settings for Advanced Field Options or REST API as needed.

For further details, refer to each section below.


This is the human ‘label’ for the field. This is also what will be included in the <label for="field">Label</label> for the field output. You should use something descriptive for the field in this option.


This is the programmatic or code based name for the field. This is what will be written to post_meta, term_meta or user_meta as the actual internal name of the field. This field name must be unique among the fields for this post type and should also not include any names from the Reserved List of Names.


This input is used to provide instructions or additional details to describe the input field you’ve created. This is displayed on the back-end admin for the field and also in a Pods Form. You should use this input to provide helpful information for your users who will be handling data input to avoid confusion or provide clarification.

Field Type

You can choose one of any of the available field Types that we support with Pods. We define each in their own section:

Options: Required

If you need to make sure the field is completed when saving the post, you should check this option for the field as it will not allow the field to be “empty”.