Creating Custom Fields

Details the process of Creating New Fields in your Pod and help you make choices in selecting the right fields.


We explain how to easily add fields to your Pods in this document. You can only Add Fields under the Manage Fields Tab with the Edits Pods or when you’ve just created a new Pod.

Manage Fields, Add Fields Button

Quick Start

  1. Go to the Manage Fields tab in Edit Pods/Manage Pods
  2. Click the Add Field Button
  3. Complete the Basic Field Settings for your new Field and select a Field Type from the list
  4. Complete any Additional Options for the Field (these are detailed under each Field’s documentation)
  5. Complete any Advanced Field Options and field-level REST API settings for your field (optional)
  6. Click the Save Field button to save your changes to this field.
  7. Add another field or Save your Pod to save your changes to the Pod.

Editing Existing Fields

Reordering Fields Using Drag and Drop

Form Fields to Pods Field Comparison

This table should show you common input type fields for forms and how they would correlate to the Custom Fields you can add with Pods.

Form Field Type Pods Field
input type="text" Plain Text, Email, Phone, Website, Password, Number, Currency
textarea Paragraph Text, WYSIWYG and Code
Select/Option Lists (Drop-down)
Radio Buttons
Relationship & Yes/No
File Upload File, Media & Image Upload fields, Avatar
Special Fields Avatar, Color Picker, Date & Time Fields