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ACT’s & Pods Pages

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Action Hook Reference

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Add Custom Post Types to Author Archives

Author Archives exclude custom post types by default, this snippet adds them back.

Add Fields to Pulldown Lists in Gravity Form Dynamic Population from Pods Feed

Modify what is displayed in the pulldown lists for the dynamic lists using the Pods Gravity Forms Add-on

Add Filter for Do Shortcode in Pods Template

If you want to make sure shortcodes are automatically ran against all Pods Templates, this filter will make that change.

Add New Pods [Pods Admin]

Explains the Add New Pods Wizard which allows you to create new Custom Content Types or Extend Existing ones.

Adding A New Field And Displaying It In A Template

This very simple tutorial, from Web Design For Idiots, shows you how to easily add a new field to a Pods generate content type and display the value of the field in your template.

Adding Fields to Pods

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Adding Pods to Search

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Adding to and Remove From a Relationship Field in PHP

Using add_to and remove_from to add items to a relationship field and remove items from a relationship.

Additional Resources for REST API

Collection of REST API resources we’ve collected from our users and developers to help with using REST API.

Admin Columns and Admin Columns Pro

Add custom fields from Pods to any back-end Admin Column to make the table displays more useful.

Advanced Field Options

Provides access to the Advanced Field Options when editing a singular field: Visual, Values and Visibility

Advanced Relationships

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Advanced Search with Plugins

Discusses uses alternate plugins for Search and any modifications you might need to do to accommodate those plugins.