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Top 10 Things Every Pods User Should Know

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What I would put in the ‘Top 10 Things New Pods User Should Know’
– clearly it is based on my requirements so may not fit everyone’s needs

  1. Locations of online docs, and various video tutorials and web-casts (I learned a bunch of things in those longish web-casts I had not come across elsewhere).
  2. Briefly explain Page Templates & magic codes (btw, why are PT off by default – seems like most new users not wanting to get deep into PHP would want them).
  3. Briefly explain the Pods short code and various examples for use in WP Pages.
  4. Briefly explain Auto-archives and Auto-templates – what they bring and why might be used.
  5. If writing php in a template file, mention the pods class (give link to doc and examples).
  6. Point out the pods->template() function – very powerful as Page templates are an easy way to format data and you can mix/match templates, wp pages, php templates, etc.
  7. More examples on how to access data in a pods-class-based loop, how to order by, filter, how to access pods fields, etc.
  8. For those not super familiar with WP template coding – some info and examples on how to set up an archive, single, or taxonomy template php file – as they might work with a pod.
  9. List some of the more interesting and powerful Pods plugins and what they bring to the environment.
  10. Pointer to this forum!

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