Create a Custom Pagination Navigation using pods_pods_pagination_{type}

Replace the standard pagination navigation with something custom you write yourself.

You can filter specific pagination types with the pods_pods_pagination_{type} filter (yes, pods_ for our global action/filter namespace, and the second pods_ to represent the Pods() class itself).

 * Custom filter to replace advanced pagination with custom HTML
 * @param string $output  Pagination output
 * @param array  $params Pagination params from Pods::pagination()
 * @param Pods  $pods     Pods object
 * @return string
function my_pods_pagination_advanced( $output, $params, $pods ) {

    // Build your own pagination output here
    $output = '<your html here>';

    return $output;


add_filter( 'pods_pods_pagination_advanced', 'my_pods_pagination_advanced', 10, 2 );