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Collections of all of Frequently Asked Questions that do not fit into Documentation Pages.

Where is my newly created Taxonomy or Post Type in the Block Editor (Gutenberg)?

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Enabling REST API can allow your Custom Post Types & Taxonomies to be visible to the Block Editor.

How do I make a Page Template available to my Custom Post Types?

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This is a WordPress function added in 4.7 to allow you to use your Page Templates for Custom Post Types

How do I give Pods Admin Access to other User Roles?

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Explains how to configure Pods Admin for other User roles in WordPress

How do I make the Excerpt Display for Custom Post Types?

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Answers how to activate displaying the excerpt and where to go to make that show.

Where is everything stored in the WordPress Database?

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Shows where data is stored in the WordPress Database.

Is this possible with Pods? Can I build this with Pods?

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Attempts to answer questions about what is possible with Pods, what you can build with Pods and what you can do with Pods.

Where should I put code for use by Pods?

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You can add code to your theme’s (or child theme’s) functions.php, use Code Snippets plugin or create your own plugin.

Help! Something in Pods broke my theme or another plugin!

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Common troubleshooting steps for Plugin or Theme Conflicts

I’m getting an error that wp_podsrel doesn’t exist. What does this mean and can I create it?

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Use this to recreate the podsrel table if it is accidentally deleted, missing or corrupted.

I’m getting 404/403 Errors on Back-end Admin

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If you’re getting 404 on the back-end, something else may be wrong server or host related.