Include and Init the Pods class

Function Definition

function pods ( $type = null, $id = null, $strict = false )

Source File: /pods/includes/classes.php


$type (string) The pod name
$id (mixed) (optional) The ID or slug, to load a single record; Provide array of $params to run ‘find’
$strict (bool) (optional) If set to true, returns false instead of a Pods object, if the Pod itself doesn’t exist. Note: If you want to check if the Pods Item itself doesn’t exist, use pods::exists().




// Get the Pods object 
$mypod = pods( 'mypod' ); 

// Get the Pods object for a specific item 
$mypod = pods( 'mypod', $id_or_slug ); 

// Get the Pods object and run find() 
$params = array( 
    'orderby' => ' DESC',     
    'limit' => 15, 
    'where' => ' != "Buster"' 

$mypod = pods( 'mypod', $params ); 

// The above is the same as 
$mypod = pods( 'mypod' )->find( $params ); 

// And the above is the same as 
$mypod = pods( 'mypod' ); 
$mypod->find( $params ); 

// Loop through the items returned 
while ( $mypod->fetch() ) { 
    echo '<p>' . $mypod->display( 'my_field_name' ) . '</p>'; 

// Check to see if an item was found or not 
// at 
$slug = pods_var( 1, 'url' ); // get the second level of the current URL 
$pods = pods( 'bunny', $slug ); 

if ( $pods->exists() ) { 
    // This bunny exists! 
else { 
    // This bunny was not found, better send a 404. 
    // This only works if it's ran in a Pod Page Precode 
    // or if you set the $pods global to this before the 
    // theme runs, which is usually right after the 
    // 'after_setup_theme' action. 
    $pods = 404; 

Add Default Values To Fields

 Output a Pods Form for Pod ‘fruit’ with two fields, ‘yellow_fruit’ and ‘blue_fruit’ with the field ‘yellow_fruit’ pre-populated with the value ‘Banana’.

// Create the pods object.
$pods = pods( 'fruits' ); 
// Setup the fields list.
$params = array( 
    'yellow_fruit' => array( 
        'default' => 'Banana'  

// Output the form.
echo $pods->form( $params ); 

Use strict mode and pods::exists() to avoid errors if Pod or Pod item do not exist

Illustrates the difference between strict mode, which returns false if the pod does not exist, versus pods::exists() (does the item exist).

    $pods = pods( 'fruits', 'satsuma', true ); 

    // Check if the pod is valid.
    if ( false !== $pods ) { 
        // Check if the pod item exists.
        if ( $pods->exists() ) { 
            // The pod item exists.

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