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Build Anything with Pods! Hands-on Workshop using the Pods Framework

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Learn how to build multiple useful things with Pods using Custom Settings Pages, Pods Templates, Pods Shortcodes and Widgets.

Feature Highlight: List View Relationship Field Format

Flexible Relationships – List View Format

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Learn about the powerful relationship List View format that allows you to easily add and edit the related record without leaving the post you’re working on.

Plan Before You Build: Information Architecture & Content Strategy

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Learn about building why it’s important to plan out your content wireframes and data structure before you start building your website.

Grow Beyond Posts & Pages: Introduction to Pods Framework

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An overview of Pods from concept to execution from one of Jim’s WordPress Meetups.

Podsify my ACF Installation!

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An example for Beaver Builder Users how to move (partly) from ACF+CPTUI to Pods – Thanks to Paul Lacey for joining me in this adventure! Questions answerd: What happens to my Data? How could i do it? Why might it be a good idea? Tools Used: Pods …

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Using Pods to Build

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An inside look at how Pods is used to build, now iThemes training, from the professor himself, Benjamin Bradley. Additional Videos in the Series: WordPress with Pods, no PHP Needed Pods & Gravity Forms Cache All the Things! Plan Before You Build: Data Architecture Planning …

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Pods & Gravity Forms

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Learn how to integrate the popular Gravity Forms form builder plugin with Pods. In this video, Pods lead developer Scott Kingsley Clark walks you through integrating Pods and Gravity forms using the Pods Gravity Form admin, so that you can use Gravity Forms for user …

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Undercover Pods with WP Functions

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Scott Kingsley Clark is the lead developer of Pods, a senior web engineer at 10up, a top WordPress development agency, and has more than ten years of experience in web development, primarily using WordPress. In this talk he shares some of the lesser known functions …

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Tweaks, Optimizations & Workflow – Oh My!

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At the Pods Foundation, we don’t just make Pods, we use Pods. In this talk, Pods developers Phil lewis and Scott Kingsley Clark cover how the Pods Team uses Pods to create great WordPress sites. Learn different strategies for how we tweak and optimize Pods …

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Cache All the Things!

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Caching Pods Objects, caching function / method results, fragment caching portions of your front-end output… cache all the things. In this talk, learn how to use Pods’ caching system Pods View along with WordPress’ native caching system to improve the performance of Pods and WordPress. …

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