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Using Pods Templates for Search

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A simple way to include Pods Templates in Search Results, using the name of the Pods Template.

Find Users with Specific Role or Capability

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Easy ways to find users based on role and capability or other user meta

Build Anything with Pods! Pods Template Examples

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All the Pods Templates examples used in Build Anything with Pods

Users List Template.php from Creating a User Directory Tutorial

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Full Users List Template from the Tutorial

Author.php from Creating a User Directory with Pods

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Used in the User Directory Tutorial to replace the built-in author.php in your theme.

Dynamically Populate a Gravity Forms Field from a Pods Related Field

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Dynamically populating a Gravity Form field without creating a Pods Feed for the form.

Ordering CPT Archive by Custom Fields

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Helpful when you need to set the default sort order of your custom post type archives based on values of custom fields within that post type.

Add Fields to Pulldown Lists in Gravity Form Dynamic Population from Pods Feed

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Modify what is displayed in the pulldown lists for the dynamic lists using the Pods Gravity Forms Add-on

Integrating Pods Template in the Loop

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How to output a Pods Template inside a PHP Template file with the Loop

Change Taxonomy Input to Single Select (Radio or Single Select DropDown)

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Override WordPress Taxonomy with Single Select or Radio Buttons (also provides Default term selection and disabling Add New option)