Working with Fields in Pods

Work with Custom Fields management in Pods and learn about the different kinds of fields Pods provides to handle your content.

It’s great that you have all these new Pods you’ve created but the real power is when you start adding fields to classify your content and give it some real meaning to your users. You’ll learn how to add custom fields to your pods in this section and the different types of fields you can add to them. With each of the sections below, you’ll learn about each field type and all of it’s available settings in Pods, including Additional Field Options and Advanced Field Options.

Basic Field Settings

Basic Field Settings (Label, Name, Description and Field Type) that apply to all Fields created in Pods.

Text Fields

Text fields include plain text, website or url, phone, email and password fields.

Paragraph Fields

Paragraph fields are Plain Paragraph Text, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor or Code Blocks with syntax highlighting.

Advanced Field Options

Provides access to the Advanced Field Options when editing a singular field: Visual, Values and Visibility