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URL Rewrites & Custom Rewrites

When you need to change the URL structure or Rewrite Rules beyond what is provided in the Advanced Options Tab for the Custom Post or Custom Taxonomy.


How to use the Pods CLI to access wp pods and wp pods api

Undercover Pods with WP Functions

Scott Kingsley Clark is the lead developer of Pods, a senior web engineer at 10up, a top WordPress development agency, and has more than ten years of experience in web development, primarily using WordPress. In this talk he shares some of the lesser known functions and capabilities of Pods and WordPress that you should know …

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Introduction to the Pods JSON API

WordPress’s new REST API is one of the most exciting developments in the platform in years. With the REST API, it’s easier than ever to use WordPress as the backend for web and mobile apps. In this talk, Pods community manager Josh Pollock shows  you how to use Pods, the WordPress REST API and the …

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