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Planning Your Solution with Pods

What do you mean by Solution as opposed to my Data Structure? Before you dig too deeply into what kind of structure you might need, you need to think about what Content you’re going to be managing on your Web Application and how that content is going to be used by your Users and your …

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What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are metaboxes that are used to input metadata that is related to your post. When you add a new post in WordPress, you’ll see these draggable boxes which are used for to store information about your post. Examples are author and excerpt. Another is custom fields. If you can’t see custom fields, click …

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What are Extended Post Types?

Extending another Object with Pods gives you access to add fields to WordPress Objects (Users, Media, Posts & Pages) or Post Types or Taxonomies created by other plugins.

What are Advanced Content Types?

Background In order to understand Advanced Content Types, it helps to understand a little bit about how WordPress works. WordPress comprises PHP andMySQL. MySQL is the database that stores all of your website’s information, and PHP is the code allows for interaction between the web browser and the database. PHP grabs information from the database …

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