Extending Users allows you to add additional fields not handled by the current WordPress User Profile. For example, you could add the User’s physical address, their birthdate or other employee specific information and use the User Objects as your employee directory.

Quick Start

  1. To Extend Users, go to the Pods Admin
  2. Select Add New
  3. Select Extend Existing
  4. From the Select Menu, choose Users and click Save.
  5. You can now Add Fields to the Extended User Object
  6. If you had another plugin that added User Meta, those fields will now also be available through Pods Display methods.

Note: Remember that WordPress Users don’t actually have a Single Post Detail like Custom Post Types. You can use the built-in WordPress Author Archives, or modify them in the theme.

If you want to use Pods to create a User directory of Users on your WordPress installation, you will be creating the output with either PHP or calling the details with a Pods Shortcode.