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Where do I get the Latest Version of Pods?

How to obtain the latest version of Pods from our GitHub Repository.

Pods is in a constant state of development via our Github repository. We appreciate bug reports and community contributions to Pods and Pull requests are always welcome. For more information see the contributor guideline for our GitHub repository. On our Github repository, the master branch corresponds to the latest release on Development of Pods 2.x occurs in the 2.x branch. This branch, generally, is the same as the last release, but with additional bug fixes. It is probably safe for use, but like all plugin updates, it should be tested on a staging server or local development environment before being used on a live site. The latest 2.x version can be acquired in one of three ways:

  1. Downloading it as a zip file via
  2. Checking out the 2.x branch via Git
  3. Using the Pods updater in Pods Admin -> Settings. This updater is not enabled by default. To enable it, you must set constant in your wp-config.php.