I’m getting 404/403 errors in the Backend Admin while managing my Pods

If you’re getting 404 on the back-end, something else may be wrong server or host related.

If you are getting 404 (or 403 Forbidden errors) on the Backend Admin, specifically on Pods specific admin pages, please contact your host with the URL it happens on and to tell them it may be firewall related. The host might be specifically firewall’ing particular URL’s or parameters from our plugin.

For example, some hosts have special mod_security rules that get triggered by normal plugin use. This is not normally a problem with the way that Pods works, but the solution itself usually involves contacting your host about the issue and specifically telling them you believe it to be a mod_security problem.

From another developer using Pods:

The host identified that the problem was because of mod_security, rule ID #226641

(Directadmin with ConfigServer Security & Firewall)

If you need additional assistance on this one, please join our Slack Chat at https://pods.io/chat/ and we can provide assistance.