Help! Something in Pods broke my theme or another plugin!

Common troubleshooting steps for Plugin or Theme Conflicts

You’ll hear this often from any plugin or theme developer:

“Try turning everything else off and switch to a base theme and see if it you still have the issue.”

We know this is frustrating to hear, but try to look at it from this viewpoint: It is impossible for us to test our plugin with every single theme or plugin out there. We code to WordPress standards and for themes and other plugins that also adhere to those standards.

In order to properly troubleshoot what appears to be our plugin breaking your website, you often will need to turn off everything else but our plugin and a standard “Twenty-something” theme from WordPress to rule out the issues.

To look for plugin or theme conflicts, you can either:

  1. Turn off all plugins but pods and your theme and see if you have the issue. Turn on one plugin at a time until the issue reoccurs. When it does, that’s the plugin or theme that is conflicting. Or,
  2. Use the Health Check plugin ( Troubleshooting Mode. It will do the same thing in a safe space for your account only so it won’t impact your live site. The plugin explains itself very well, but basically in troubleshooting mode, you’ll be shown an instance of your website with all plugins disabled and a basic theme. You can turn on plugins one a time (there’s an admin menu items called ‘Troubleshooting Mode’ that allows you to do this easily. This will help you route out what is causing the problem.