Does Pods Work with Other Plugins? Can we get a plugin coded to work with Pods?

Explains the process for getting support for other plugins added to the Pods Framework

Most plugins that are designed to work natively with Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomy and Custom Meta fields should work just fine with Pods, but the areas they might have issues with are specifically our Relationship fields. Our Working With Plugins documentation details specific plugins that we support and how to configure them to work with Pods. While we’d love Pods to work with everything, we know this just isn’t possible.

In cases like these, we typically need to work with the plugin developers to help them build access or integration with Pods, whether that’s something we fix on our end for compatibility or we partner with the plugin developer to build a supported integration.

Especially in the case of Pro/Premium plugins, we typically will need a user of the plugin (you, perhaps) to reach out to the plugin support/developers to put in a formal request. The main things we need are:

  • Access to the product (especially for premium versions)
  • Someone who is willing to beta test our add-on
  • Access to documentation (if any) to assist with integration
  • Bonus: Someone who is willing to collaborate on the add-on as we have questions or if they want to take on certain parts (UI or integration).