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I’m getting an error that wp_podsrel doesn’t exist. What does this mean and can I create it?

Use this to recreate the podsrel table if it is accidentally deleted, missing or corrupted.

It’s possible you either had an error during installation and the table wasn’t created, or you did a reset and delete and the table was removed. You can recreate this table by logging into your CPanel or whatever you use for SQL access to your Database (phpMyAdmin), etc. and add it back with the following SQL Command

This SQL command will check to see if the table exists before creating it.

NOTE: You might have to check the table prefix for your WP installation since, depending on your WP installation, the table prefix might be different. You can find the prefix in the wp-config.php file in the Codex for wp-config.php. If you’re using a table prefix, just change the wp_podsrel to match whatever your table prefix is instead.
If you are using a multisite/network installation all extra sites/blogs also have an id prefix. Example: