Learning From The New Tutorials Section

An overview of creating the Tutorial Series Taxonomy Archives used in our prior version of the Pods website. Helpful for understanding how Taxonomy Archives work and how to customize them.

Pods CPTs Versus ACTs – coding for them

This tutorial, from Web Design For Idiots, explains the difference between custom post types and advanced content types. It also covers the difference between coding for each of them.

Step 5: Creating A List Of Users and Profile Page

Now it is time to create a user directory page on our page. This can be as simple as a list of names with links to author profile pages or a full fledged directory with all of the user’s information.

Step 6: Additional Options

Before finishing we will learn how to restrict access to the user directory and limit which users will be in the directory. We will also cover other methods for getting the values of fields that are better suited for when we only need one or two of the fields at a time.