How To Create A Pods Page

This simple tutorial covers the basics of how to create a Pods Page and associate it with a WordPress page template. Link has been removed as this tutorial is no longer live; we will not be including it any longer in our documentation. Pods Pages are only used with Advanced Content Types, not to be …

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Using Pods Pages With Advanced Content Types

Pods Pages are used to display content from Advanced Content Types (ACTs) and should only be used with Advanced Content Types. Because ACTs exist outside of the main WordPress post table, they can not use regular WordPress functions, so attempting to display them with a normal WordPress theme template file would not work, because they can not be retrieved by the the_post(). Pods Pages handles the URL mapping necessary to create pages to display the ACT’s content and provide a way to set the title for the page.

SEO For Pods Advanced Content Types

Pods Advanced Content Types (ACT) do not work automatically with Yoast’s WordPress SEO or any other SEO plugin since they are not WordPress content types. Custom Post Types on the other hand do not share these issues. In this tutorial you will learn search engine optimization for Pods Advanced Content Types, including how to add your ACT to an XML Site Map and generateMeta tags–such as title and description–and Open Graph tags using Pods Pages precode.

Pods CPTs Versus ACTs – coding for them

This tutorial, from Web Design For Idiots, explains the difference between custom post types and advanced content types. It also covers the difference between coding for each of them.