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PodsCast #004: Pods’ify My Theme! Displaying Data in Pods Pt 2

Learn about using Pods functions to duplicate the loop and WordPress display functions and enhance upon them.

We’ll continue where we left off from the prior PodsCast by digging deeper into the Pods class functions within your theme to show your Pods Data. Using live code examples, we’ll also show how to do common things with your Pods data like Pagination, Image & Media handling, Relationships and Taxonomy.

This is a live event, which will be held on Tuesday April 21st at 2PM eastern (6PM UTC), so you can join in and ask the Pods team any questions you have about how to get your Pods data into your WordPress Themes. Future PodsCast’s in this series will include handling of Shortcodes and Widgets, Pods Templates & Frontier and the Pods JSON API. There will be live music and live coding!

If you are watching live, you can ask questions in the #podscast channel of our Slack or by tweeting them at us. All episodes of the Podscast can be viewed at any time on our Youtube channel.

Show Notes