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Select Specific User with a User Role

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A method for pulling users by specific role.

The Event Calendar and Pods Conflict Fix

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Are you having a conflict with The Event Calendar and Pods in your Admin Screen? This particular bit of code can help with that.

Import CSV Example

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A method for Importing Structure using Package: Migrate and CSV

Modifying pre_get_posts for Categories & Tags to show Custom Post Types

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How to make your custom post types show up on Category & Tags archives

Add Custom Post Types to Author Archives

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Author Archives exclude custom post types by default, this snippet adds them back.

Calling a Pods Template within a Taxonomy WP Query

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Good example of creating a Taxonomy Archive with WP Query and calling a Pods Template within the Loop. Points for also being integrated with Genesis

Adding to and Remove From a Relationship Field in PHP

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Using add_to and remove_from to add items to a relationship field and remove items from a relationship.

All Posts Without A Specific Term

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Find Meta Query syntax to help you find records that are ’empty’ as well as not matching an existing set.

Creating a Shortcode for a Pods Form

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Used to create a shortcode for a form with a more descriptive post title

Setting Default Taxonomy Term for Custom Taxonomy & Custom Post Type

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Here’s a clever way to set to the default Custom Taxonomy Term for a Post Type (similar to ‘Uncategorized’ in Posts)