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Enabling Shortcodes in Pods Templates

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This piece of code can allow shortcodes to be processed in Pods Templates.

PodsCast #3 Displaying Data Index & Archive Template

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This particular template is based off of Twenty Fifteen and works for both the Single & Index/Archive & Search.

Create New Record from Form Submission using Add

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Real life example of a function to create a Pods record from fields submitted on a form.

Could also have a run through pods_sanitize to make sure the data is safe to be added.

Pods-UI Customizations including re-ordering of Fields

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From Andy Fuchs/Tiptronic


Single Actor Detail from PodsCast #4

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Single-Video Detail from PodsCast #4

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Archive-Video from PodsCast #4

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Shows how to construct a standard post type archive using Pods functions to control the loop and field display.

Multiple Fields in a Drop Down Relationship Pick List Using a Filter

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When you need to change what is shown in the drop-down Select Field in a Relationship, you can use this method to base the value on other values in Post Type.

Order by Numeric Field in Shortcode

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This method can also be used to handle any CAST by specific type order by.


Date Format Output Filter for Magic Tags

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Provide different date format options to your date fields using an Output Filter for your Magic Tag.