Add New Pods [Pods Admin]

Explains the Add New Pods Wizard which allows you to create new Custom Content Types or Extend Existing ones.

When you click on Add New the from the Pods Admin menu, you’ll be presented with our Add New Pod Wizard giving you two options:

Add New Pod Wizard screen from Pods Admin

Create or Extend (Step 1)

  • Create New: Used to Create entirely new content types using Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies or Custom Settings Pages.
  • Extend Existing: Allowing you to extend any existing content type within WordPress including Post Types (Posts, Pages, Menu Items or Links) or Taxonomies (Categories or Tags) or Media, Users or Comments. This also allows you to extend any Custom Post Types or Taxonomies created by other plugins.

You will click the big button labeled “Create New” or “Extend Existing” to move onto the 2nd step, Configuring your new Pods.

Configure (Step 2)

Your choices will vary depending on which selection you’ve made above so we’ll break them down by type as well.

Create a New Content Type

a screenshot of the create a new content type box - custom post type is selected in the dropdown. The taxonomy has the plural label books and the singular label book

From this screen you have Three selections to complete:

  1. Choose a Content Type
    Choose a Content Type for your New Pod
    You can choose:

    You can read about each of these on their own documentation page linked above.

  2. Provide a Singular Label
  3. Provide a Plural Label

Under Advanced, you have two options, depending on your Pods Configuration:

Extend Existing

Next Step: Manage [Edit] Pod & Manage Fields

You’ll now be presented with the Edit Pod screen for your new Pod.

[image for Manage Pod]