Creating a Custom Settings Page

Create a Custom Setting Page for storing information that can be entered once and used everywhere on your site.


You can use a Custom Settings Page to identify information that will not normally change and can be used throughout a website, ie the business location, business hours or static text that can displayed as part of the theme but needs to be customizable. In this section, we’ll show how to create Custom Settings Pages and add fields to them.

Creating the Settings Page in Pods

Admin Menu UI

Advanced Options

Adding Fields to Custom Settings Pages

You can add fields to Custom Settings Pods just like you do any other Pod. The important thing to remember is that Custom Settings Pages don’t have ‘multiple’ records or posts like regular Post Types, so they apply to ‘one’ instance, like your WordPress, Settings, General Menu. To learn more about the fields you can add to your Custom Settings page, check out Working with Fields in Pods.


Input Screen for Custom Settings

Your final view into Custom Settings