How do I give Pods Admin Access to other User Roles?

Explains how to configure Pods Admin for other User roles in WordPress

If you’re trying to give access to your ‘pods’ that you create with Pods to different user roles, you should be looking at our documentation on Roles & Capabilities.

If you want to give access to another User Role to access Pods Admin (create pods, etc.), you need to give that role access to additional capabilities. The easiest way in Pods is to turn them all on for that role (using Members plugin is the easiest method for granting capabilities to another role):

Grant Additional Pods specific Capabilties

In the Pods Capabilities, grant all the Pods Specific capabilities:

  • edit_pods_pods
  • edit_others_pods_pods
  • delete_pods_pods
  • publish_pods_pods
  • read_private_pods_pods

These are the same for Pods Fields, so check down under Custom Capabilities:

Edit Custom Capabilities in Members plugin

Grant these additional capabilities from the Custom List:

  • delete_pods_template
  • edit_others_pods_template
  • edit_pods_template
  • edit_pods_templates
  • pods
  • pods_component_helpers
  • pods_component_migrate_packages
  • pods_component_pages
  • pods_component_templates
  • pods_components
  • pods_content
  • pods_settings
  • publish_pods_templates
  • read_pods_template
  • read_private_pods_templates