Themer’s Quick Start

You’re very comfortable with PHP Templates and the WordPress Theme Hierarchy. You just need a quick guide for dealing with Custom Post Types and Relationships the Pods way.

We’d like to get you started as quickly as possible and since you already have an understanding of WordPress Theme Templates and their modular approach, we’re going to get you right into how you can make the most of Pods right out of the gate.


You already understand the WP Hierarchy so you’ll understand that as you create Pods (Custom Post Types), the single-<post-name>.php will handle your single detail pages for your Pods archive-<post-name>.php will handle your archive pages for your pods.

If you’re comfortable working with the loop already, you can pretty much stay in there for just about everything you need from your pods. You can access all the standard WP Object fields the normal way (the_content, etc.). To access custom meta, you’ll use wp_getpostmeta. For variations on this:

  • Pulling custom meta adding to Taxonomies (get_term_meta)
  • Pulling custom meta added to Users (get_user_meta)
  • Pulling custom meta added to Posts (get_post_meta)
  • Getting output from Relationship fields
  • Pulling content from Custom Setting Pages

Pulling Specialized Queries with WP_Query

Meta Key Syntax

Introduction to Find

  • Using Meta Key syntax with Find
  • Complicated Where queries
  • Using Order By and Group By
  • Using Filters