Learn Pods Basics From OSTraining

In this eleven part series, Steve Burge on OSTraining.com provides a simple introduction to Pods. He covers creating custom post types in Pods, adding fields to the Pods, using Pods Templates and shortcodes to display the Pods.

Introduction to Pods: WordPress as a CMS

This tutorial by Steve Burge on OSTraining.com provides a simple, easy to follow introduction to creating custom post types in Pods and using Pods Templates and short codes to display them. As an example it shows how to create a “Books” custom post type, and a template to output its custom fields–without any php coding.

Pods CPTs Versus ACTs – coding for them

This tutorial, from Web Design For Idiots, explains the difference between custom post types and advanced content types. It also covers the difference between coding for each of them.

Step 1: Create A Users Pod

Pods allows us to extend the standard post types (post, pages) as well as media, users and comments with custom fields. To begin we will create a new Pod to extend users.

Step 2: Add Fields To Users

While WordPress’ built-in user profiles offer only limited fields, Pods will allow for pretty much anything we need to be added to profiles. In this tutorial we will be using plain text, number, phone number, website and avatar fields.