Reorder The Fields

all_fields Before saving the Pod, we need to rearrange the order of the fields. They will have the same order in the profile editor as they do in the Pods editor, so we are going to want to put them in a logical order. Rearranging them is as simple as clicking on the three little lines on the far left of the field and dragging it up or down. In the screenshot on the left, which shows what the profile editor will look like once we’re finished,  you can see how I ordered them. When you’re arranging the fields, click the blue “Save Pod” button in the top right quadrant of the page.

See The New Fields In Action

Now that we have added all of these new fields, go to your own user profile and see the new fields turn up instantly. Fill out the new fields for yourself and for one or more other users to so we will have some data to display in the next few steps. You can easily import and export Pods and it is always recommended to try out something like this in a test environment. This way you can experiment without ruining your current website. Once you are finished with setting up your Pods to your liking and tested your output, you can easily export your work and import it to your live site. All information of this Pod are saved in the standard WordPress tables, which makes this information easy to use or in your theme, or by another plugin. In the second part of this tutorial I will show you how to display this information in your theme.

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