Advanced Topics

Advanced Topics on working with Pods including caching, migrating, importing & exporting, programming complicated interfaces and working with tables outside of WordPress

We have a large number of topics that really should have a big warning sign ‘Beware All Who Enter Here’. This is that group of topics. These are topics that require more than a passing understanding of WordPress, Hosting platforms and databases. Beware! or Maybe just ‘Enter at Your Own Risk’.

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Highlights the potential benefits & issues with caching and Pods, what caching we handle in Pods, how to disable it and when you should (or shouldn’t) disable it, and what you should look at and things to watch out for with other plugin-based and server/hosting-based caching.

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URL Rewrites & Custom Rewrites

When you need to change the URL structure or Rewrite Rules beyond what is provided in the Advanced Options Tab for the Custom Post or Custom Taxonomy.

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How to use the Pods CLI to access wp pods and wp pods api

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Roles & Capabilities in WordPress

Working with WordPress Roles & Capabilities for managing User Accounts and their access.

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