Displaying Pods

Display your Pods Content anywhere you want using Templates, Shortcodes, Widgets or PHP

Displaying your Pods data is where you can really shine. If you’re a Beginner, look at the Pods Templates and Magic Tags. Shortcodes & Widgets will also help you round out your display needs for your website. If you’re a Themer, jump right to WordPress PHP Templates. Developers can also jump to the same section. It’s worth your time though to understand how the Pods Template approach work and how Magic Tags are used because they can also be accessed in several other areas of the Pods Framework.

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Pods Shortcode

Using our Shortcode to get content on your website is often the easiest method since you can drop these into a page, HTML block or HTML Widget.

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Pods Templates

Create re-usable blocks of content that you can put anywhere on your website using Pods Shortcodes, Pods Widgets or automatically inserted in your Single & Archive Post Templates using Auto Templates.

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Magic Tags

Show your content and custom fields inside our Pods Templates, like Magic!

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Template Tags

Special handling for conditional output or looping through relationships, taxonomy or attached media.

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Fields Display Reference

How to Reference, Access & Display every field type and all the default fields in standard WordPress Objects

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