How do I make the Excerpt Display for Custom Post Types?

Answers how to activate displaying the excerpt and where to go to make that show.

Displaying of the Excerpt is handled in your theme by use of the_excerpt() function. This function shows either what is in the post_excerpt field in your post or it truncates some amount of text from your post_content. The only part of this you would handle with Pods is making sure that the hand-entered Excerpt field is available for your Pods.

You can access this under Advanced Options for your post type under Supports, just check the box beside Excerpt:

Advanced Options in the Edit Pods Screen, showing the Supports section and activating the Excerpt


If you reference this field in your Pods Templates, using the magic tag {@post_excerpt} it will show the actual value in the hand-entered Post Excerpt, not the results of the_excerpt function.