Is this possible with Pods? Can I build this with Pods?

Attempts to answer questions about what is possible with Pods, what you can build with Pods and what you can do with Pods.

This is probably one of the most common questions we get asked. Pretty much anything you can think of is possible with Pods — depending on the scale of what you are trying to build, the amount of energy you want to put into the project you’re attempting to create, your knowledge level of building things with WordPress, how comfortable you are with designing data structures, and your creativity.

Our best answer is: “Probably, if you put your mind to it.” Watch our intro videos Grow, Plan, and Build to get started. Then install the plugin and try building something — anything — to get a handle on whether it might be a good fit for you. If it doesn’t work out for you, the only thing it will cost you is your time since it’s a free plugin.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Scope: We provide ways to build complicated data structures and fields and ways to connect them and easy ways to get them on the front-end. Pods can help you build custom solutions for many requirements your project may have but it isn’t specialized for many things that other standalone plugins are better suited for like SEO, Forms, E-mail Campaigns, Media Editing and Management, Memberships, eCommerce, Event Calendars, Data Import/Export, or Page Building. We have many features and add-ons that integrate with those types of plugins but we have chosen to primarily focus on unlocking content management and development for everyone using our plugin.
  • Consulting: Our entire team is very knowledgeable about building solutions with Pods and are quite knowledgeable about databases and data structures in general. We do not, however, perform consulting on our Support Channels (as listed in our Support Policy). We are not going to build your project for you even if we may ourselves want to help your cause. We’re not going to design your data structure for you, though we will provide feedback (when to choose a taxonomy instead of a relationship field, when it makes sense to use external database tables or the best way to manage connecting data. We won’t be able to  walk you through or show you how to build sliders, photo galleries, or complicated layouts. We won’t be able to write your theme pages for you or teach you HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery or React. We won’t be able to show you how to build a Taxonomy Archive or use WP_Query but we might link you to resources to help since those are documented at the WP Codex and there are many tutorials online for them. Our time is limited and we have many people to help so we will do our best to give everyone our time and attention.
  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: As one of our most common FAQs advises, don’t try to build an eCommerce solution, an Event Calendar, or Page Builder with Pods because there are already great solutions out there for that. Try using those solutions first before you start to build your own and make sure you understand the responsibilities of maintaining your own code, keeping it up-to-date, and secure.