Gravity Forms

Covers interactions with Gravity Forms and our Pods Add-on for Gravity Forms which allows you to map your Forms to Pods Directly.

We have created our own Pods Add-on for Gravity Forms, which allows you to map directly from your Gravity Form to a Pod submission. The plugin adds a new option called ‘Pods’ in the Gravity Forms back-end and allows for the following:

  • Mapping Fields from your Form Directly to Pods Fields
  • Automatic Population of Taxonomy drop-downs to Taxonomy Fields
  • Automatic Population of Relationship Field drop-downs to Relationship Fields


  • Why do you recommend other Plugins instead of Pods for some functionality?

    We get asked this a lot, especially when people come to us wanting to build complicated forms with Pods or eCommerce solutions or Event Calendars. We believe “why re-invent the wheel?”. If it’s going to be more work for you to create an entire eCommerce solution, since Pods doesn’t support any kind of payment gateways, email notifications, etc., we always recommend WooCommerce for eCommerce websites, Gravity Forms for advanced, beautiful forms,  The Event Calendar for event management and FacetWP for excellent front-end filtering & search.