Magic Tags are like the special variables used in Mail Merge Templates; you can use them to identify custom fields or post fields to be replaced in your Pods Templates.  You identify them by using the format {@field_name}within your Pods Templates or Pods Shortcodes/Custom Templates. When your Pod Template is processed, the magic tags are replaced with the actual values in those fields each time the template runs through the loop. You can do more specific things with Special Magic Tags and Template Tags as defined below.

Using Magic Tags

Explains the common usage for Magic Tags, where they can be used and how to access the standard post fields, custom fields and media fields in a Custom Post Type or Taxonomy.

Special Magic Tags

If you want to pull back dynamic information from the Logged-in User, or Parameter Values or other special information about your WordPress site, you want to use the Special Magic Tags

Display Filters with Magic Tags

Used to modify the output of your fields using built-in or custom functions, especially helpful for conditional formatting or for complicated display rules.