Pods Templates

Create re-usable blocks of content that you can put anywhere on your website using Pods Shortcodes, Pods Widgets or automatically inserted in your Single & Archive Post Templates using Auto Templates.


If you think of your website pages like a Mail Merge, pulling fields from your Custom Post Types & Taxonomies and inputting them on the front-end, you will get the idea of how Pods Templates work. Pods Templates are designed to output content on the front-end of your website (or anywhere you want to use them) by running your posts through them in a loop, whether that loop is called from a Shortcode, a Pods Widget or using our Auto Templates.

You can create Pods Templates in two ways:

  1. In Custom Templates, which is the ‘template’ between the Pods starting and ending shortcode tags. You can use Magic Tags within the Custom Template will be output by the shortcode. You can also access the Custom Template in the Pods Single Item Widget and Pods List Items Widget. Example below:
    [pods] anything in here is the Custom Template [/pods]
  2. In Pods Templates, which are accessed under Pods Admin, Templates. This allows you to create re-usable templates that are stored in the database and can be called specifically in your shortcodes using template="Name of Template", in the Widgets in the Template drop-down lists, or within the Auto Templates configuration.

You can put anything you’d like in your Pods Templates (HTML5, CSS and jQuery) as long as you recognize that whatever is in that template will be repeated for every item you push into the template, just like a Mail Merge.

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