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Plan Before You Build: Data Architecture Planning

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Pods lets you create incredibly complex data structures and gives you many tools for working with them. With all these options, a lack of planning can leave you unable to complete your project. Laying out your goals and a path to reach them is the …

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Introduction to the Pods JSON API

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WordPress’s new REST API is one of the most exciting developments in the platform in years. With the REST API, it’s easier than ever to use WordPress as the backend for web and mobile apps. In this talk, Pods community manager Josh Pollock shows  you …

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WordPress with Pods - No PHP Needed

WordPress with Pods, no PHP Needed

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Learn how to use Pods Templates, Pods Frontier, and Pods Auto Template to easily create a custom, complex site, all from the WordPress backend.

PodsCamp 2014 Dallas Fort Worth Overview

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Videos and Slides from our first PodsCamp 2014 in Dallas Fort Worth.

PodsCast #004: Pods’ify My Theme! Displaying Data in Pods Pt 2

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Learn about using Pods functions to duplicate the loop and WordPress display functions and enhance upon them.

PodsCast #2: Displaying Data in Pods Pt 1

PodsCast #003: Pods’ify My Theme! Displaying Data in Pods Pt 1

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You’ll learn the foundational skills to understand how WordPress Theme’ing works and how you can display all your Pods data in your theme using WordPress functions.

Data Structure Planning is Important

PodsCast #002: Data Structure Planning: !important;

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Pods is one of the many great ways to use WordPress as a highly-customizable content management system. Success in these types of projects is often contingent on proper planning. On this episode, we discuss how to choose the right content types, and relationships between them. …

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Find'ing Your Way with Pods:Find()

PodsCast #001: Find’ing Your Way with Pods:Find()

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We are happy to announce the PodsCast, a live, bi-monthly video podcast with Pods team members. Each week we will spend about an hour talking about a specific part of Pods and answering user questions. Users can submit their questions on twitter using the hashtag #podscast …

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