Before you can start creating layouts with Beaver Builder, you’ll need to be comfortable with what Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies and Custom Fields are (and how Pods works with them), and have some experience creating and editing Pods. Install Beaver Builder and have a good understanding of how the page builder tools work. Install Beaver Themer and get familiar with the basics. You will also want to install the Pods Beaver Themer Add-on so you can easily select Pods fields in Beaver Themer using field connections.

External Resources

Quick Start

  1. Create or extend a Post Type or Taxonomy and add custom fields.
  2. Create a new Themer Layout.
  3. Use the Page Builder to add modules to your layout.
  4. Use Field Connections to display your Pods fields. If you’ve installed the Pods Beaver Themer Add-on you will have an additional section in field connects called Pods.
  5. Publish your Themer Layout.
  6. View a Page or Post that uses the Themer Layout you created.

For more detailed information check out the documents in the sections below.

Creating and Editing Pods

Create Custom Post Types and Taxonomies or extend existing content types like WP Objects such as Post Types, Taxonomies, Users, or Comments. Add custom fields so you can display in your Beaver Themer layouts. Take a look at the Beginner’s Quick Start if you need more help.

Creating Themer Layouts

You can create Themer Layouts for the structural elements of your site (Header and Footer) as well as content areas. An Archive layout will display multiple posts or pages. A Singular layout will display a single post or page. Visit Themer Layout Types and Modules if you need more help.

Using the Page Builder

Not sure how to get started? Take a look at the Beaver Builder resources.

Displaying Pods Fields

The Pods Beaver Themer Add-on provides support for many of the Beaver Builder modules. For the most flexibility, try the standard HTML or Text Editor modules. Need more help? Check out Beaver Themer’s Field Connections articles and the Pods Beaver Themer Add-on page. Another very helpful reference is the Beaver Themer Field Connector Shortcode Reference

Example Projects

Coming Soon!